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UK Job Site CVSearch.co.uk Extends Free Job Listings For All Recruiters

This month, www.cvsearch.co.uk has announced that they are extending their free job listing trail throughout May & June 2010!

CVSearch.co.uk was built with the aim to make the recruitment process as simple and easy as possible for recruiters, in partnership with its jobseeker portal www.cvdatabase.co.uk.
Since its launch, the site has attracted over 300 recruitment companies, listing over 1000 jobs. Managing Director Sam Rawson said “We’ve had a great response to the launch, with so many recruiters signing up and listing their vacancies, it’s given us a great base to attract jobseekers onto the site.”

From the middle of May www.cvdatabase.co.uk - the job seeking side of the site will be continuing a large marketing campaign. Rawson continued “We’ve got a great base of jobs on so far, so we’re going to give those jobs the maximum exposure we can. We’re putting all our resources into getting eligible candidates onto the site – this should really begin to show this month.”

CVSearch.co.uk has yet to unveil its secret weapon. “To give our site a unique selling point we have been developing a system for candidates to verify elements of their CV’s with an established background screening firm. We believe this will really give our site an edge on the competition as it benefits both job seekers, and employers.” Rawson explains “The cost is fronted by the candidate, as it will help give worth to their CV. For example they can verify the university degree they achieved - this is then reflected on their CV, and will help them stand out from other applicants. The benefit to recruiters are that they can rely on information the candidate has verified, and do not have to incur costs doing it themselves. We think this is a win – win situation in a candidate rich market.” This service is due to be available as of the beginning of June.

For more information, or to sign up for your free job listings, please visit www.cvsearch.co.uk

About CV Search:
CVSearch.co.uk was launched 1st March 2010 - with the intention of revolutionising the recruitment industry.

Our Mission:
To simplify the employment process for both jobseeker and recruiter.

Market Position:
We are currently in our launch period and are heavily marketing our business to both jobseekers and recruiters.
To help fill up our database, we are currently offering free job listings and candidate searches throughout March and April of 2010. During this period we are also launching a nationwide campaign to bring jobseekers onto the site.

To create a simple and easy to use website for both jobseekers and recruiters, constantly improving our service to meet customer demands and needs.

To become the UK's leading general recruitment website.

Unique Features:
We are the first UK general jobs board to integrate a CV Verification process, where jobseekers can have elements of the CV verified by our independent background screening company. This means that you, the recruiter can trust the information provided next to our special 'Verified' logo.

Website Offers New Features for the Logistics and Supply Chain Industry

LOGJOBS.COM® www.logjobs.com has announced enhanced functionality on its websites for job seekers, employers and recruiters through extensive use of Web 2.0 technologies that facilitate information and communication.
For job seekers, the site features a permanent and contract job and resume board integrated with a custom built professional networking site. Job seekers can search logistics and supply chain jobs by zip (http://logjobs.com/SearchJobs.asp), sort by date and utilize an exclusive section for contract- based jobs. Job seekers can also earn referral commissions by recommending qualified candidates on select jobs as they search. And since it's a dedicated, non-cluttered environment, job seekers are also encouraged to post their resume (http://logjobs.com/ResumeBuilder.asp) with Logjobs to get in front of highly relevant and engaged employers and recruiters.
"Logjobs has implemented many tools and is ideal for modern logistics professionals in today's fast paced world" notes Logjobs COO Tom McKenna. "For example, job seekers can now earn referral commissions on eligible jobs. Interested parties should look for jobs posted with Logjobs that are marked with the 'R' icon and earn commissions ranging from $1,000 to $3,000 (http://www.logjobs.com/Referral_ViewFeaturedJobs.asp) by recommending viable candidates who are successfully placed with our clients."
Job seekers who post resumes with Logjobs also have access to Logjobs Social with their job seeker email ID and secure password with one click. Logjobs Social is offered at no cost as a networking platform for logistics and supply chain professionals. Members have a customized job feed on their home page matching their geographic location, a handy tool for passive job seekers. All discussions on Logjobs Social can be shared with various major social media platforms to gain additional reach. A cutting edge inbox also is provided so members can isolate and organize all of their logistics and supply chain conversations. The conversations display in a convenient stacked message format for clarity. "Logjobs Social is a way for folks in our industry to really showcase their talents and gain access to opportunities that they may not have otherwise known about" notes McKenna.
For employers and recruiters posting full time positions (http://logjobs.com/cost.asp) or searching the resume data base (http://logjobs.com/Purchase_Resume_Search.asp), Logjobs not only offers excellent reach in the industry, but also has very affordable pricing options designed to fit the budget of any sized company. Company branding, which is included when 2 or more job postings are purchased really facilitates additional engagement with candidates as well. Jobs posted with Logjobs are also distributed on partner sites such as Indeed, Simply Hired and more, providing additional value by reaching job seekers who are not necessarily on the Logjobs site. All job postings contain various Web 2.0 tools for even greater engagement and distribution as well. Employers or recruiters choosing to find job seekers themselves have the ability to utilize Logjobs' resume search with no limits on resume views or other restrictions. For employers looking to fill temporary roles, Logjobs' resume search offers another nice feature -- job seekers indicate on their resume whether they are available as a subcontractor which greatly reduces search time for such resources. Logjobs offers a Resume 'Test Drive' so employers and recruiters can try before they buy (http://www.logjobs.com/TestDriveResumes.asp). "Ultimately, if customers are dissatisfied with our service, we'll give them their money back" notes McKenna.

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